Tubular Solenoid

  • UK Manufactured
  • Tested to 25 Million Actuations
  • Pull or Push Version
  • Up to 19mm Stroke Length
  • Force Rating up to 80N
  • 10 Models
  • Customised solutions
Tubular Solenoid, NSF Controls, Ledex Solenoid

Typical Applications

  • Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Laser Marking Equipment
  • Parcel Collection Points
  • Process Control Equipment
  • Locker & Vending Security
  • High Security Locks
  • Diagnostic & Analysis Equipment

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Tubular Solenoid Details

Datasheets and Step files are available below, for customised solutions, please contact us

Tubular solenoids provide an extended stroke range without compromising on force when compared to other linear solenoids. They are available as push solenoids or pull solenoids, in push solenoids the plunger is extended outward when current is applied, whilst in pull solenoids the plunger is retracted inward.

We have 3 types of plungers based on the required stroke of the application.

Our standard 60° angle plunger
Flat face plunger for strokes under 1.5mm
90° angle plunger for strokes 1.5-2mm

The solenoids plunger can be further customised with different load take-off options for a variety of mechanical linkages.

The space-saving cylindrical design and single-point fixing allows for easier installation and mounting, making tubular solenoids convenient to work with in limited spaces. The enclosed design of the tubular solenoid provides protection against dust or dirt in the environment. This helps maintain the performance of the solenoid over time, making it a reliable choice for long-term use.

Tubular Solenoid Design Considerations

The space available in an application for a solenoid to fit and function.

Stroke length dictates which model of solenoids can be used.

Force or Torque
Desired force at a given stroke length.

Duty Cycle
A % of time solenoids are actuated in one cycle. Duty cycle = (Active time / Total cycle time) x 100. If the duty cycle is exceeded this can cause overheating or mechanical failure.

Return Spring
Most solenoids need an opposing force to return the plunger to its start position. This can be either a return spring or simply gravity depending on application requirements.

Life Ratings
When selecting a tubular solenoid, as with any other solenoid style, it is important to consider the effects of heat on life. When used with a constant voltage supply, an increase in coil temperature reduces the work output and life of the unit. Standard life is 25,000,000 actuations.

Tubular Solenoid Datasheets & Step Files

For each solenoid below we have included downloadable Datasheets and Step files (*.stp) that can assist you in your design process.  The Step file can be dropped into your CAD design for modelling the space envelope of the solenoid.  Please note that the solenoid is shown in the energised position, the moving core and shaft position will change depending on individual stroke requirements.

Tubular Solenoid 1020L Pull Type
  • 10mm Dia. x 20mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 4mm
  • Force 0.56N @ 2mm 50% Duty
1020L Datasheet
1020L Step File
Tubular Solenoid 1327L Pull Type
  • 13mm Dia. x 27mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 13mm
  • Force 1.25N @ 2.5mm 50% Duty
1327L Datasheet
1327L Step File
Tubular Solenoid 2039L Pull Type
  • 20mm Dia. x 39mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 18mm
  • Force 3.84N @ 5.1mm 50% Duty
2039L Datasheet
2039L Step File
Tubular Solenoid 2652L Pull Type
  • 26mm Dia. x 52mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 18mm
  • Force 7.2N @ 7.6mm 50% Duty
2652L Datasheet
2652L Step File
Tubular Solenoid 3050L Pull Type
  • 30mm Dia. x 50mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 25mm
  • Force 7.2N @ 12.5mm 50% duty
3050L Datasheet
3050L Step File
Tubular Solenoid 1020S Push Type
  • 10mm Dia. x 20mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 4mm
  • Force 0.43N @ 2mm 50% Duty
1020S Datasheet
1020S Step File
Tubular Solenoid 1327S Push Type
  • 13mm Dia. x 27mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 13mm
  • Force 0.9N @ 2.5mm 50% Duty
1327S Datasheet
1327S Step File
Tubular Solenoid 2039S Push Type
  • 20mm Dia. x 39mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 18mm
  • Force 2.9N @ 5.1mm 50% Duty
2039S Datasheet
2039S Step File
Tubular Solenoid 2652S Push Type
  • 26mm Dia. x 52mm Length
  • Maximum Stroke 18mm
  • Force 6.4N @ 7.6mm 50% Duty
2652S Datasheet
2652S Step File
Tubular Solenoid 3050S Push type
  • 30mm Dia. x 50mm length
  • Maximum Stroke 25mm
  • Force 3.6N @ 12.5mm 50% Duty
3050S Datasheet
3050S Step File

Customised Tubular Solenoid Solutions

Send your application requirements to enquiries@nsfcontrols.co.uk

  • Dimensions of the space available for the solenoid.
  • Stroke length in mm.
  • Force or torque required.
  • Voltage available & current limit of supply
  • Duty cycle – specify max. on time and min. off time for 1 cycle.
  • Temperature of working environment.