UK Design & Manufacture
Based in Keighley, West Yorkshire we are specialists in the design and manufacture of solenoids, switches, and electro-mechanical services. NSF Controls produces over a million components per annum, including custom piece parts and sub-assemblies.

Customised Solutions
We have a vast standard range of products and we can create bespoke solutions for your specific application needs. Our integrated manufacturing facilities, procurement team, and engineering experts, are all based at one site ensuring an efficient process from design concept to end assembly.

World Class Quality
NSF Controls is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, we offer consistent high-quality manufacturing standards to a wide range of industries across the globe. We continue to apply our central values of reliability and superior quality throughout production processes to uphold our reputation as a dependable manufacturing partner.


In 1932 German company Nurnberger Shraubenfabrik opens British NSF Ltd import house. Initially British NSF manufacture screws, military communications and receivers, and small aircraft parts.

At the outbreak of World War Two NSF Ltd is placed under the UK government’s Custodian of Enemy Property. During this time the factory is bombed in German air raids killing 30 employees. The Ministry of Aircraft Production relocates many factories to the north of England where they are much safer.

NSF Ltd opens on Dalton Lane in Keighley with 20 staff relocating from Croydon. In 1946 NSF Ltd moved to its Ingrow Bridgeworks site.

The Lucas group acquires NSF during a merger in 1968, NSF adopts the Lucas brand and expands its product ranges, however in 1996 Lucas felt the Keighley site was surplus to requirement.

Management Buy Out

The management team see the unfulfilled potential of the remaining business and successfully purchase the company. Investors and employees purchase shares of the business, establishing NSF Controls Ltd in 1997.