About Us


In the 1930s German company Nurnberger Shraubenfabrik opened the British NSF Ltd import house in the south of England. At this time we manufactured screws, military communications and receivers.

At the outbreak of war NSF Ltd was placed under the UK government’s Custodian of Enemy Property. During this time the factory was bombed in one of the German air raids killing 30 employees. The Ministry of Aircraft Production relocated many factories to the north of England where they were safer.

NSF Ltd opened on Dalton Lane in Keighley. In 1948 NSF Ltd moved to its Ingrow Bridgeworks site where the company still stands 70 years later.

Management Buy Out

The Lucas group acquired NSF in a merger during the 1960s, and in 1996 they felt the Keighley site was surplus to requirement. However, the management team saw the unfulfilled potential of the remaining business. They successfully purchased the company and employees were able to buy shares of the business which resulted in the formation of NSF Controls Ltd in 1997.

We re-established global manufacturing and distribution relationships and now export to 30 countries across 5 continents.