As a designer and manufacturer, we are able to custom-wind our coils to suit any DC voltage, this ensures optimised solenoid performance for your application.

NSF can supply direct replacements for other manufacturer’s products including tubular solenoids, low-profile solenoids, & rotary solenoids. This enables you to drop the solenoid into your current design work, minimising the impact of supply chain issues and end-of-life product ranges.

DC Solenoids are the best actuation devices in terms of cost, size, installation and ease of use. Our standard solenoid designs are linear or rotary motion with the ability to customise to individual application needs. For more information or no obligation quotation email

End of Life Disposal Recommendations

Upon recovery and separation of expired units, the metal casing, end caps, rods/ shafts and copper can be recycled. The nylon bobbin can be ground down to recycle. Any accompanying leads are classed as waste electrical and electronics. Tapes, covers and films used to fix parts in place can be entered into general waste.