Free-Way Toggle Switch

Available in nickel, black or gold finishes with black, cream or gold lever tips.

  • Free-Way Original 3×3-03 – 6 position switch offering non-sequential pick-up selection.
  • Free-Way Ultra 3×3-05 – 6 position switch with almost infinite switching capabilities.
  • Free-Way Pre Wired 3×3-07 – As the original but in a pre-wired solution to simplify installation.
Free-Way Switch, NSF Controls

Free-Way Blade Switch

The blade switch available in both 6 and 10 position provides the ultimate in pick up selection. Looking and feeling exactly like the traditional blade switch but offering a further parallel row of 3 or 5 positions providing incredible versatility to access every imaginable tone with ease.

  • Free-Way Blade 3B3-01 – 6 Position
  • Free-Way Blade 5B5-01 – 10 Position for SSS & HSS Guitar
  • Free-Way Blade 5B5-02 – 10 Position for HSH &HHH Guitar

For more info visit the Free-Way website

Free-Way Switch Details

The Free-Way switch is a revolutionary product range that delivers vast tonal flexibility for electric guitars. The toggle and blade switches can be installed at the manufacturer or retro fitted, allowing your guitar to maintain its classic look and condition. The PCB layout of the Free-Way switch doubles the amount of standard pick – ups, in a familiar layout of a single control switch.

For Free-Way Switch schematics visit the Free-Way website

Free-Way Switch Design Considerations

Life Ratings
Life ratings coming soon. Please check back later.

“As Jools Holland’s bassist for thirty years and a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar also, I’m always keen to discover new, innovative and game changing products. The FREE-WAY switch range is just that! It can completely transform the existing sound of electric guitars making them even more flexible and versatile than ever before.”

Dave Swift’s verdict on the Free-Way Switch range. More about Dave.