Linear Solenoids

Linear solenoids are categorised by their construction, our range includes tubular solenoids, low profile solenoids, open frame solenoids, and magnetic latching solenoids. All solenoids are available in the standard datasheet design you will find on the website, from this base we customise the solenoid to your specification.

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Linear Solenoid Benefits

A linear solenoid is an electro-mechanical component that turns electrical energy into mechanical motion. As a result of the solenoid configuration, the plunger will produce either a push or pull movement. The movement of the plunger from start to end position is known as the ‘stroke’ and is measured in millimetres. 

Tubular Solenoid
Advantage: Easy to install in restricted spaces, versatile and maintenance free.

Low Profile Solenoid
Advantage: High torque-to-size ratio. Powerful and compact

Open-Frame Solenoid
Advantage: Simple, cost-effective solution for high-volume applications. 

Magnetic Latching Solenoid
Advantage: Economical product as no holding power is required.

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