Customised Solenoid Solutions

The ability to create customised solutions and optimise performance from our standard solenoid designs is what sets NSF Controls apart.
With 27 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical assemblies, our products are of the highest quality. Solenoids can be customised in a variety of ways, below are a few examples. Other modifications may also be available, please send your requirements to

table of contents describing various customisations for solenoids


Precision Wound Coils
A winding process that places each turn of the wire next to the previous one allowing the maximum amount of copper in the space available.

Mounting Bracket
Allowing us to create a custom mounting bracket for your solenoid eliminates the need for additional manufacturing resources and multiple suppliers.

Load Take off
Customised plunger ends for a variety of mechanical linkages.

Special Shafts
Alternative shaft lengths and other configurations can be considered, please provide a drawing or sketch.

Plunger Customisation (Tubular Solenoids)
Flat Face – strokes under 1.5mm gives 3-5x more force than 60°.
60° – Long strokes up to 19mm
90° – Strokes between 1.5 -2mm – provides 1.5x more force than standard 60°.

Mounting Stud Threads
Alternative metric or imperial mounting threads can be considered.

Armature Covers for Rotary Solenoids
Armature covers protect the solenoids and allow them to function without interference from other components and wiring. Recommended for dusty and dirty environments.

Drive Pins
Armature drive pins can be used as part of mechanical linkages. Specially designed levers and bars convert the rotary stroke into linear motion if required.

Plunger Retainer
Add a plunger retainer to limit the stroke of a linear solenoid and provide a fixed end stop.

Customised load take off options