Rotary Switch

  • 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 24 and 36 Position Indexing
  • Choice of Contact Material
  • Bush & Spindle Sealing
  • Alternative Index Mechanisms
  • Mounting Bush Thread – M10 or 3/8 whit. 32TPI
Rotary Switch by NSF Controls, Keighley

Typical Applications

  • Instrumentation
  • Test Equipment
  • Professional Audio Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Temperature Control Systems
  • Military Vehicles

Our rotary switches are highly versatile, multi-pole, multi-position, and multi-functional. Standard rotary wafer switches are suitable for use in applications up to 300 Volts.

NSF offer a variety of rotary switch configurations with different index mechanisms and wafers, depending on the current and positions required. Customisation includes terminations- solder lug, vertical or right angled P.C. tags, shaft configurations and contact material.

Datasheets for our standard rotary switch products are available below, for more information email

Rotary Wafer Switch Design Considerations

Life Ratings
Provided the switch is used within it’s electrical ratings the electrical life expectancy for our standard product range is 10,000 cycles, 1 cycle is 0-360-0 degrees.
Silver alloy contacts will increase this to 20,000 cycles.
Mechanical life expectancy is 20,000 cycles.


Rotary wafer switches are available in many combinations, the rotary wafer configuration table lists the commonly used variants including information about, max. poles per switch, indexing angles and max. pole/switching per wafer. You can also find further helpful information about rotary wafer switches in the FAQs.

UB-ML Rotary Wafer
UB-MM Rotary Wafer
MU-MA Rotary Wafer
MU-MK Rotary Wafer
SL-MA Rotary Wafer
A-MA Rotary Wafer
HD Rotary wafer
J-MK Rotary Wafer
MSD Rotary wafer