• Up to 15mm Stroke Length
  • Pull Version
  • De-energised in Lock Position
  • Maintenance Free
Shot Bolt, NSF Controls

Typical Applications

  • Machine Guard Locks
  • Access Control
  • Machine Doors
  • Security


Based on our range of tried and tested tubular solenoids range, shotbolts combine reliability and long life in a single point fixing solution.

NSF Controls shotbolt’s are suited to diverse applications including access control, mechanical vending, and security. Our shot bolts are capable of stroke lengths up to 15mm and are maintenance-free due to their enclosed design. The shot bolt is spring-loaded to the locked position, releasing the shot bolt is easy and efficient, requiring only a short application of power to the solenoid. This quick release mechanism enables rapid access when needed.

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Shot Bolts Design Considerations

Life Ratings
Life ratings coming soon. Please check back later.

Customised Shotbolt Solutions.

Send your application requirements to

  • Quantity required.
  • Dimensions of the space available for the shotbolt.
  • Stroke length in mm.
  • Force or torque required.
  • Voltage available & current limit of supply
  • Duty cycle – specify max. on time and min. off time for 1 cycle.
  • Temperature of working environment.