NSF Controls offers a range of shot bolt to suit diverse applications including access control, mechanical vending, and security. Our shot bolts are capable of stroke lengths up to 15mm and are maintenance-free due to their enclosed design. The shot bolt is spring-loaded to the locked position and requires only a short application of power to the solenoid to release.

Based on our range of tried and tested tubular solenoids they combine reliability and long life in a single point fixing solution.

Shot Bolts

Typical Applications

  • Machine Guard Locks
  • Access Control
  • Machine Doors
  • Security

Customised solenoid solutions for you

Send us your application requirements…

  • Dimensions of the space available for the solenoid.
  • Movement required – mm or degrees of rotation.
  • Force or torque required.
  • Voltage available & current limit of supply
  • Duty cycle – specify max. on time and min. off time for 1 cycle.
  • Temperature of working environment.

Email enquiries@nsfcontrols.co.uk or call +441535 661144