Switch Products

Switch Details

Our rotary switches are used across the globe in military communications, testing equipment and control panels. Send your requirements to enquiries@nsfcontrols.co.uk

Highly customisable and suited to a variety of applications our rotary wafer switches offer multi circuit switching with robust construction, they deliver outstanding performance in excess of 20,000 mechanical switching cycles. Preferred product of critical applications including nuclear, testing, and instrumentation.

A combination of our two most robust products, the rotary switch and rotary solenoid create our selector switches.  Selector switches are dependable and perform excellently in remote access equipment and military communications across the globe.

The newest development in our switch range is the Free-Way switch. A series of toggle and blade switches designed to increase the wiring capabilities of electric guitars, giving access to new combinations of pick-up selections, and a variety of tones previously unavailable from a single control switch.

End of Life Disposal Recommendations

All of our switch products are classed as waste electrical and electronics.