Selector Switch

  • Robust Construction
  • Tested Design
  • Maintenance Free
  • Multi-pole
  • Multi-function
  • Rotary solenoid or stepping solenoid drive unit
Selector Switch, NSF Controls

Typical Applications

  • Military Communication
  • Medical Applications
  • Power Generation

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NSF selector switches combine a rotary solenoid and rotary wafer switch into a single unit for remote switching applications. The selector switch is still the favoured product against modern technologies in safety-critical industries and military environments due to their proven reliable service over time.

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Selector Switch Design Considerations

Life Ratings
Life expectancy is dependant upon the final application environment but will be similar to that of our rotary switch range.

End of Life Disposal Recommendations
Selector switches are classed as waste electrical and electronics however the solenoid and mounting hardware may be disposed of in line with our solenoid range.