Base-Flow, a privately owned UK company are pioneering the way our pints are served.

They are tackling industry issues of wasted alcohol and single use plastics by creating pre-programmable, perfect serves in their reusable cups. The revolutionary base flow dispensing system fills from the bottom with an 8 second fill time, completely hands free.

Base-Flow pride themselves on creating a dispensing system completely manufactured in the UK. Jonathan Bond, the MD of Base-Flow, was involved from the outset of the project meticulously researching and designing his valve using local companies in Keighley and Bradford. Base-Flow work very closely with local specialists RLBS who manufacture and refurbish dispensing equipment for beer and soft drinks.

NSF was approached by Base-Flow and RLBS to help design a new solenoid which could control the beer pump valve in the dispensing system. Initially we determined a push-pull solenoid was required due to the force it had to overcome to control the valve. We then customised the solenoid with a dovetail type slot, which connected the solenoid plunger to the beer pump valve. When the solenoid is operated this allows the beer to flow through the valve and into the bottom of the glass.

The push-pull solenoid is housed directly underneath the beer pump valve which is contained within a chiller unit. As the solenoid is operated it produces a small amount of heat, which caused condensation to occur within the unit and could potentially cause mechanical failure. We were able to counteract this by adding a potting compound to help protect the coil assembly from moisture, allowing the solenoid to work reliably and unaffected.

Solenoids for Baseflow, NSF Controls
Leisure Solutions

”We are very proud that all our parts are manufactured in the UK, particularly local to us, one such product is the solenoid we use. We worked very closely with NSF as they helped us to develop a solenoid that can work within the constraints of our system. NSF has supported us at every stage and continue to do so, always looking to improve and provide us with the best possible product.” – Jonathan Bond, Managing Director

Base-Flow units can be found at festivals, bars, and many football grounds most notably Wembley stadium. In keeping with their aims of becoming a more sustainable company, Base-Flow now offer a full cup management service including washing and returning to their customer via their reusable cup company division.

Visit Base-Flow’s website or follow their facebook for more updates.