Dependable design

Industrial automation covers a wide variety of industries. The scope and flexibility offered by our solenoid products make them a practicable solution where specific functions are required, such as:

  • Sorting
  • Diverting
  • Filing

Our solenoids can be used in all kinds of industrial and commercial production and processing. For example, our stepper solenoids and low profile solenoids are fitted into some of the top-performing systems in the canning industry where they measure and then dispense lining compound onto the can ends.

Typical applications

  • Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Food / Drink Processing Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Document Processing Machinery
  • Copiers and Printers
  • Filing / Sorting Machinery
  • Cash Dispensers
  • Coin and Currency Management
Industrial Automation Industry, NSF Controls

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