A leading provider of life science sample management equipment was facing rising costs within its supply chain causing their sample selection machines to triple in price. This increase in costs forced them to consider building their own devices.

They originally approached factories in China to source their solenoids, but due to their lower volumes and customisation requirements, this was not a viable option.

After discovering NSF and visiting the factory, we worked collaboratively to design a series of 96 tubular solenoids for the sample selection device.

Although the tubulars were successful, the samples that are tested in the device are held in freezers at temperatures between -80◦c and -150◦c. When the frozen samples are inserted into the sample selection grid, ice crystals can often drop onto the solenoids or condensation can occur, which can corrode the nickel-plated plungers inside the solenoids.

After a design review, the nickel-plated plungers were replaced by passivated zinc ones. Custom-designed push rods in 2 different lengths were included to accommodate the fit of the solenoids within the required package size. As a result of the tubular custom design, the sample selection devices are proving to be extremely reliable.

Tubular Solenoids for Sample Selection, NSF Controls
Medical Solutions

”Working with a UK based manufacturer for our solenoid supply has allowed us to have a consultative relationship with a supplier to ensure that we can obtain the ideal parts for our equipment and to help fill gaps in our knowledge with NSF’s expertise.” – Neil Benn, Managing Director