Quadient (Formerly Neopost) is built on generations of personal and practical experience in mailing, supported by cutting edge technology. Quadient’s mail stuffing equipment offers accurate, timely, personalized, and low-cost solutions to their customers.

Quadient’s mail-related solutions streamline mail production at every stage, from filling envelopes automatically, folder inserts, to rapidly posting outbound mail.

Quadient has 3 production centres: Le Lude (France) for high-end mailing systems, Drachten (Netherlands) for mid-range folders/inserters, and Loughton (United Kingdom) for high-end folders/inserters.

NSF Controls predominantly supply 2 types of tubular solenoids to Quadient our SDT 2039 and the SDT2652. We also regularly supply a size 3 rotary solenoid with a Nitrotec finish making the solenoid much more corrosion resistant.

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Tubular Solenoid for Quadient, NSF Controls