ProTubeVR are one of the top companies who manufacture VR guns and equipment. Their equipment is used by many professionals in the VR master league.

As of now (October 2023) ProTubeVR are a small company, having under 20 people working for them. The CEO and creator is Romain Armand and he was “just a normal guy that loves VR and loved shooters”.

Romain wanted more immersion especially in VR shooters, so he started to construct his first stock for controllers. Eventually, this led him to establishing the French-based start-up ProTubeVR in 2016.

NSF Controls supply ProTubeVR with tubular solenoids to create a ‘kick-back’ feel in a range of their guns.

For more information on ProTubeVR and to follow their latest developments visit their website.

“ProTubeVR and NSF Controls Ltd have been working together for 5 years now.

NSF Controls Ltd has been part of our story since the very beginning, when we were still prototyping our haptic technology. Today we use their reliable solenoids in our haptic modules dedicated to training simulation and virtual reality gaming.

We’re delighted to be working together, and hope this is just the beginning!”

Gauthier Carnat - COO, ProTubeVR