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Quotation & Ordering

NSF Controls manufactures to order therefore part numbers and quantities are needed. You can use our database to help establish the best type of solenoid product for your application.

If the product you require is a replacement part or an existing product from us please include any photographs, datasheets and part numbers. This extra information will help us to process your order efficiently and allows us to advise on individual lead times.
Purchase Orders can be emailed, faxed or posted however we cannot accept verbal orders. You will receive an Order Acknowledgement. Orders directly related to a quote please reference the quotation number for efficient processing time.

Payment methods include BACS, cheque, debit or credit card, with the exception of American Express. Please see full terms and conditions of sale
Minimum order quantities are applicable dependant on product.

Solenoid Technical Considerations

There is certain information required when ordering solenoids due to varying electrical, mechanical and environmental conditions. Please include these details in your quotation request, more information is available in FAQs.
Space Envelope
Specify maximum volume available.
Remember the larger the solenoid the lower the current and operating costs.

Force or Torque Required
Specify initial requirements

Stroke is expressed in degrees of rotation for rotary solenoids and movement in mm for Linear Solenoids. Specify direction and angle of rotation (viewed on Armature Plate) for Rotary Solenoids. Specify Push or Pull operation and movement required for Linear Solenoids

Duty Cycle
Duty cycle is expressed as a percentage of the on time in a total time taken for 1 cycle of operation. If in doubt specify maximum on time and minimum off time for 1 cycle

Power Source
Specify working voltage tolerances and any current limitations

Ambient Temperature
Specify working ambient temperature



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A wide range of reliable, superior quality solenoids and switches, which also provide a sound basis for development of custom solutions.

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