NSF Controls provides SG Service and Supplies Limited with two custom-made size 5 rotary solenoids, each designed for specific directional actuation – one in a clockwise direction and the other in a counterclockwise direction.

This solenoid model was selected due to the extended operational capacity of up to 25 million actuations. Upon receiving the solenoids, SG Service and Supplies Limited enhances them by attaching a longer shaft using their bespoke coupler, two paddles are also added to the top of the shaft.

SG Services and Supplies Limited then distribute the customised solenoids to prominent mail and post sorting companies. During the sorting process, as letters are scanned, the computer system sends pulses to hundreds of solenoids. When the envelopes reach their designated receiving containers, the solenoid activates and swiftly flicks the envelope into the correct container.

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