NSF Controls size 5EFM push-pull solenoids are employed in a range of ElectroFlo compound guns for the application of a sealing compound to the tops and bottoms of tin cans as part of the component manufacturing process. The sealant is required to achieve a hermetic seal when the top or bottom is seamed onto the can body.

The original gun design incorporated two solenoids, one to pull up the needle to allow the compound to flow, the other to pull the needle down again to stop the flow.

Our customer then developed a bespoke electrical control system to switch the current to the solenoids, and to also adjust the firing time ‘on the fly’ to compensate for any delayed reaction due to mechanical friction within the assembly.

Typically, the guns are opening and closing at up to 400 times a minute.

These compound guns were sold as a retrofit package for existing compound lining machines which were originally supplied with mechanically actuated gun assemblies. Anywhere from one to eight guns were fitted to each lining machine.

Later our customer started supplying these compound guns to original equipment manufacturers who incorporated them into their new machines with their own control packages. The largest can manufacturing machinery maker in the world adopted this technology, with a slight modification to the compound gun by incorporating a spring to pull the needle back.

The compound guns are in operation in can-making factories around the world, a testament to their original design principles of high-quality precision manufacturing and long-lasting durability.

Images courtesy of John Jenner, for his most recent project check out – Promocan Ltd