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Open Frame Solenoid

Open frame solenoids provide linear motion in a cost effective solution to high volume applications, offering economical long term service. Open frame linear solenoids are available in a number of sizes and configurations, including flapper and D frame shape solenoids. Our open frame solenoids are generally the most simplistic in design and contain the smallest of all our solenoid products with dimensions starting at 8 x 10 x15mm. 

  • Strokes from 1mm to in excess of 30mm
  • Range of sizes / models / voltage
  •  Magnetic Latching options available
Options Available:
  • Push or Pull Operation
  • Plunger End Types
  • Customised Terminations
  • Return Springs
Typical Applications:
  • ATM machines
  • Battery operated locks
  • Locking Solenoid
  • Vending equipment
  • Medical supply cabinets
  • Electric locks
  • Instrumentation
  • Gaming machines
  • Cash drawer machines
  • Lockers

Need your solenoids customised?
Contact our engineers on or call 01535 661144

A select range of open frame solenoids are available in smaller quantities to purchase through Ebay.

Open Frame Datasheets

SDO 0415L
SDO 0415S
SDO 0421L
SDO 0421S
SDO 0520L
SDO 0520S
SDO 0626L
SDO 0626S
SDO 0630L
SDO 0630S
SDO 0730L
SDO 0730S
SDO 0826L
SDO 0829L
SDO 0829S
SDO 0837L
SDO 0837S
SDO 1037L
SDO 1037S
SDO 1040L
SDO 1040S
SDO 1240L
SDO 1240S
SDO 1253L
SDO 1253S
SDO 1578L
SDO 1578S

Our Products

Our high quality solenoids provide an exceptional foundation to build bespoke products.

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