NSF Controls has developed a range of innovative shut-off valves to regulate gas usage in response to the growing demand for pre-payment & smart meters. Our gas shut-off valve has exceptional sealing pressure and is compact in size, they are 100% checked by our automated testing rigs to ensure it is fit for purpose. There have been 9 million installations with no failures in the field.

Our gas shut-off valves are manufactured in compliance with BS EN 1359:2007 & BS EN 14236:2007, for resistance to gas vapour, electrical safety and thermal class standard.

Options Available

  • Motor Driven
  • Solenoid Driven


  • Fitted to Either Inlet or Outlet Port
  • Compact Design
  • Low Power
  • Customer Specific Interfaces

SGV Series Gas Shut-off Valve

The SGV is a bi-stable solenoid–operated gas shut-off valve.

  • Operating Pressure: 100mbar
  • Flow Rate: <6m3/h
  • Pressure Drop: <0.2mbar at 6m3/h
  • Life: 20 years/ 10,000 cycles

MGV Series Gas Shut–off Valve

The MGV is a motorised gas shut-off valve.

  • Operating Pressure: 200mbar
  • Flow Rate: <10m3/h (G4 and G6 meters)
  • Pressure Drop: <0.2mbar at 10m3/h
  • Life: 20 years/ 4,000 cycles