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A solenoid is a simple robust device that converts electrical energy into force and movement, its component parts consist of a copper coil, iron shell or case and a moveable plunger or pole.
The resulting movements of linear and rotary solenoids are known as strokes and they are measured in either MM or degrees of rotation. 

We have a search tool within our datasheets to help direct you towards the best solenoid options based on your space envelope, function and force requirements. 

Using our standard solenoids as a foundation to build upon, we manufacture custom solenoids with unparalleled quality and reliability, they are available in various sizes with different stroke lengths, allowing us to cover a broad range of industries and applications.

For shorter lead times or one off needs our standard tubulars can be purchased through Amazon,  a select range of open frame solenoids are also available through Ebay.

Over 90% of NSF Controls solutions are bespoke to our customers’ needs, to find out more contact us on +44(0)1535 661144 or email us

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Our reliable & superior quality solenoids and switches provide an excellent foundation for development of custom solutions.

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