Tubular Solenoids

ModelFunctionSpace EnvelopeMaximum StrokeNominal StrokeForce(N)@Nom.Stroke at SpecifiedGeneral
Specs (PDF Data Sheets for Download)
Part Numbers
  Dia x Length(mm)(mm)100%25%  
SDT1020L-2XXPull10 x 20420.232SDT1020L Data SheetSDT1020L/S Part Numbers
SDT1020S-2XXPush10 x 20420.232SDT1020S Data Sheet
SDT1327L-2XXPull13 x 271330.72SDT1327L Data SheetSDT1327L/S Part Numbers
SDT1327S-2XXPush13 x 271330.72SDT1327S Data Sheet
SDT2039L-2XXPull20 x 3918527SDT2039L Data SheetSDT2039L/S Part Numbers
SDT2039S-2XXPush20 x 3918527SDT2039S Data Sheet
SDT2652L-2XXPull26 x 521882.513SDT2652L Data SheetSDT2652L/S Part Numbers
SDT2652S-2XXPush26 x 521882.513SDT2652S Data Sheet
SDT3050L-2XXPull30 x 502510516SDT3050L Data SheetSDT3050L/S Part Numbers
SDT3050S-2XXPush30 x 502510516SDT3050S Data Sheet

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