Solenoid Actuators: A Dependable Solution

Could the tried and tested solenoid actuator be right for your application? Choose from standard ranges or customise to suit.

Although solenoids basically function in much the same way, the resulting direction of movement can be different. It is determined by the type of mechanical assembly in which the electromagnetic circuit is housed.

Rotary Movement

Our range of rotary solenoids use the Ledex principle of operation. This employs 3 inclined ball races to convert linear motion to rotary. Developed by G H Leland in the 1940's, it provides almost frictionless conversion of the motion and is widely adopted throughout the industry.

  • Provide rotational stroke (movement)
  • Stroke is expressed in degrees of rotation.
  • Can eliminate costly mechanical linkages.
  • Rotary solenoids can provide higher starting force / torque than linear solenoids.
  • Can be unidirectional or bidirectional.
  • They are more robust in operation.
  • They are often used when size is of the utmost importance.
  • Example rotary applications include lasers, shutters, processing machinery, medical equipment, industrial sewing machines and diverters.


Linear Movement

Linear solenoids provide a mechanical pulling or pushing force or motion dependent on the mechanical configuration of the unit.

  • Provide linear stroke (movement).
  • Stroke is expressed as movement in mm.
  • The operation of linear solenoids is simpler than rotary, making them more cost effective.
  • Linear solenoids provide linear stroke usually less than 25mm in each direction.
  • Can be unidirectional or bidirectional.
  • Usually classified as pull, where the electromagnetic path pulls a plunger into the solenoid body. Or push type where the plunger / shaft is extended through the base of the solenoid to provide a push action.

Many varieties and configurations, for example tubular, low profile and open frame types.

Example linear applications include door locks, control valves, pinch valves, interlocks, printers and diverters.

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The NSF Controls product experts are available to help you select the most suitable product to meet your specific requirements and, if required, will work with you to design and produce a customised solution. 

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