Wheelchair Winch Assist

Wheelchair Winch Assist Compact & Rapide

Loading a wheelchair into a car can be a difficult procedure, that's why we developed the Winch Assist.

The Winch Assist is intended to assist a carer with the safe loading and unloading of a single occupancy wheelchair to a suitably modified vehicle.  For this reason, it is supplied only to specialist vehicle converters.  Two models are available.

The Rapide incorporates a solenoid operated clutch release to enable rapid free wheel deployment of the 4 metre belt.

The Compact model uses a powered reel in and reel out method and is supplied with a 3.5 metre belt.  It benefits from all the other features of the Rapide.

With the added benefits of optional wheelchair fittings and built in safety features, the Winch Assist offers practicality and peace of mind.  Operation should be carried out by a competent individual.

It is CE marked and has a safe working load of 225 Kg.

Both models are manufactured at the NSF Controls' premises in West Yorkshire, with the company applying it's central principles of reliability and superior quality throughout the production process.


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For replacements and prototype activity a selection of NSF Controls Tubular Solenoids are now available to buy from Amazon.


The NSF Controls product experts are available to help you select the most suitable product to meet your specific requirements and, if required, will work with you to design and produce a customised solution. 

To find out more, please contact our specialist Design & Engineering Team +44 (0)1535 661144 or email info@nsfcontrols.co.uk 

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Quality Standards

Quality Standards

In addition to being CE marked, the Winch Assist meets several Standards and Directives

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Winch Dimensions

Winch Dimensions

The low profile, compact design means both models have a small footprint. The Rapide has a 4 metre belt and the Compact is supplied with a 3.5 metre belt as standard

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Available at Amazon

A Selection of Tubular Solenoids

For replacements and prototype activity a selection of NSF Controls Tubular Solenoids are now available to buy from Amazon.

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