SDT1327 Series

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NSF Part NoDescription  Coil AWGResistance at 20ºCForce (N) at Nom. Stroke at Specified Duty CycleNominal DC Voltage at Specified Duty Cycle
 DC Linear  100%25%100%25%
SDT1327L -227-0000Tubular
Pull Solenoid
SDT1327L -228-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid281.950.722.85.6
SDT1327L -229-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid293.840.723.97.8
SDT1327L -230-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid305.290.724.69.2
SDT1327L -231-0000Tubular Pull
SDT1327L -232-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid3216.540.728.116.3
SDT1327L -233-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid3322.60.729.519.0
SDT1327L -234-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid3437.410.7212.224.0
SDT1327L -235-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid3560.710.7215.631.0
SDT1327L -236-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid3696.190.7219.639.0
SDT1327L -237-0000Tubular Pull Solenoid37149.930.7224.549.0
SDT1327S-227-0000Tubular Push Solenoid271.430.722.44.8
SDT1327S-228-0000Tubular Push Solenoid281.950.722.85.6
SDT1327S-229-0000Tubular Push Solenoid293.840.723.97.8
SDT1327S-230-0000Tubular Push Solenoid305.290.724.69.2
SDT1327S-231-0000Tubular Push Solenoid319.560.726.212.4
SDT1327S-232-0000Tubular Push Solenoid3216.540.728.116.3
SDT1327S-233-0000Tubular Push Solenoid3322.600.729.519.0
SDT1327S-234-0000Tubular Push Solenoid3437.410.7212.224.0
SDT1327S-235-0000Tubular Push Solenoid3560.710.7215.631.0
SDT1327S-236-0000Tubular Push Solenoid3696.190.7219.639.0
SDT1327S-237-0000Tubular Push Solenoid37149.930.7224.549.0

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