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3X3 Free-Way Switch

The 6 position lever switch in its conventional form provides 2 pole 6 position circuit selection with the ability to select any of the 6 positions non sequentially if required, unlike a conventional rotary switch approach.


The unique functionality presents an entirely new option for the marketplace and potential to improve applications where rotary wafer switches have been historically used.

Possible Applications include:

  • Lighting Selection
  • Heating/Air Conditioning Control
  • Audio Selection
  • Instrumentation Range/Function Setting
  • Positional Control

3X3 Specifications

Available direct from NSF Controls, Contact Us with your enquiry.

3X3-03 Free-Way Guitar Pickup Switch

The new re-designed Free-Way Pickup is a slickly engineered, much refined version of its predecessor.  Improvements include a positive index positional control providing a distinct switching action for fast intuitive changes.  Gold plated solder pad terminations make installation easy and eliminate electrical noise.

3X3-03 Specifications

Currently, this switch is available from stock through Axesrus in the UK

Stewart-MacDonald in the US 

Further selected stockists TBC


Click here to download pdf Free-Way Installation Guide and guitar application diagrams from the website of the Free-Way switch designer.

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