A Luthier's View

Clive Rees of Rees Electric Guitars Gives A Knowledgeable Insight

"I have been making a variety of electric guitars designed for professional and performing guitarists for the past 6 years.  Most of my guitars have a wide range of pick-up voices.  A difficult challenge has always been to make the controls versatile, yet still easy to use.  The Free-Way switch makes that so much easier!

The switch is well designed and well made and it's gold pads are easy to solder reliably.  This makes it quicker and easier to wire than a multi-switch solution and for the guitarist it's a game changer.

Guitarists like having a variety of voices on their instruments, but do not like complicated controls.  That is very much so when playing live at gigs.  When performing, it is very desirable to have a single click change between any two voices.

Not to have to click two or more switches to change voice, which both takes longer and is prone to making mistakes.  Furthermore, it is very beneficial to be able to see the current position of the switch and know what voice is selected, without taking a hand off the strings to touch the switches.

I will be using Free-Way Ultra switches as the standard equipment on my flag-ship guitar model, the Rees Rapport (see picture).  I will also be offering an upgrade service, using the switch retro-fitted to other manufacturer's guitars.

I think this is a very significant and desirable advance in electric guitar technology."

You can see and hear more on guitars by Clive here

Free-Way Switch Key Features

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