Free-Way Switch

A revolution for electric guitarists

Non-sequential one-stop control gives vast tonal flexibility for Electric Guitars

 A revolution for electric guitarists the Free-Way 6-Position Toggle Switch can be installed at manufacture or retro-fitted. Delivering vast tonal flexibility from a single control, the guitarist is able to select any of the instrument's pickup settings non-sequentially.
Expansive pickup configurations from a single control

When the Free-Way switch is fitted to a guitar, the guitar maintains its classic looks and condition, and the pickup selector feels like a normal 3-way toggle giving Neck, Neck and Bridge and Bridge selections.

However, the Free-Way Switch, with its revolutionary non-sequential action, also moves into another three forward positions opening up a whole new dimension in natural tone.

Diverse pickup configurations can be achieved including coil tap, 3 pickup, piezo, series, phase, parallel, HSH, HSS, SSS, Vol/Tone bypass and many more unique custom schemes.
The switch features a positive index positional control providing a distinct switching action for fast intuitive changes between positions.

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Free-Way Switch main features:

High-Quality MaterialsThe solid construction of stainless steel metalwork, gold plated terminals and glass-filled nylon mouldings have been endurance tested beyond 1 million operations.
Positive Index Positional ControlProviding a distinct switching action for fast intuitive changes between positions.
Expansive Pickup Configurations

Vast tonal flexibility from a single control. 

Coil-split, 3 pickup, piezo, series, phase parallel, HSH, HSS, SSS and many more custom schemes. Almost infinite possibilities. 

Multiple Gold Plated Solder Pad TerminationsMaking installation easy and eliminating noise from mechanical construction.
Compact, Concentric DesignFits directly into 35mm diameter cavity for retro-fit into Les Paul style guitars. 
Standard Toggle TipAvailable in a nickel or gold finish and can be purchased with a choice of toggle tip colours - cream, black and gold - making it visually indistinguishable from a traditional 3-way toggle switch.

Two Free-Way models are available

3x3-05 Free-Way Ultra - The latest version of the Free-Way switch


The Free-Way Ultra provides 6-position switching with 28 terminal connections for creating the most sophisticated wiring circuits. Each of the 6 positions is accessible and can have almost any pickup arrangement required. The Ultra measures 35mm in diameter and is very compact. It can be retro-fitted to most guitars

This switch enables pickups (or pickup coils) to be connected in series, in parallel, and out-of-phase with each other so that complex switching functions can be performed all in one place.

Click here to download the 3x3-05 data sheet

 3x3-03 Free-Way Original V2
 This multi-function Free-Way switch has been refined to provide circuits for coil-tapping, three pick-up guitars, piezo pickups and HSH and HSS schemes. It has 15 terminal connections providing flexibility for all kinds of variations on the above schemes and scope for custom circuit design. 
A switch that provides distinct switching action for fast intuitive changes. The gold plated solder pad terminations make installation easy and eliminate electrical noise.
Click here to download 3x3-03 data sheet

Potential for other uses

 The 3x3 refers to the general NSF switch assembly in its conventional form. This can be adapted for improving other applications that may benefit from its unique non-sequential movement in situations where, historically, rotary wafer switches have been used.
Possible applications:
  • Lighting selection
  • Heating / Air conditioning control
  • Audio selection
  • Instrumentation range / function setting
  • Positional control
 Click here to download 3x3 installation guide 
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Free-Way Guitar Switch

A Revolution for Electric Guitarist

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