Electromechanical Assembly

NSF Controls produces over a million assemblies per annum from its UK site.

NSF Controls houses an enviable skill set and manufacturing facilities for the production of bespoke electromechanical assemblies.  Interchangeable skills used for our core products and special orders, are available to you when you choose us for your subcontract parts assembly.

  • Assembly of completed market ready product and/or subassemblies providing a flexible outsourced process.
  • Procurement and logistics planning and execution.  Including supplier research and selection, price negotiation and value analysis.  
  • Small, medium or large scale production capacity avoiding the need to commit to factory space and the associated cost implications. 
  • Housing of all facilities necessary to meet fluctuating business demands. 
  • Design capabilities to support your project from concept to manufacture.
  • 3D printing and Computer Aided Design making ideas tangible for product assessment and development.
  • Working experience across many markets from defence to entertainment.
  • Integrated manufacturing facilities including CNC machining, pressing, moulding, model making and assembly, offering a streamlined operation to keep your project on track.
  • Our specialist knowledge enables us to create innovative solutions for new and existing customers.

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The NSF Controls product experts are available to help you select the most suitable product to meet your specific requirements and, if required, will work with you to design and produce a customised solution. 

To find out more, please contact our specialist Design & Engineering Team +44 (0)1535 661144 or email info@nsfcontrols.co.uk 

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