Improving performance and security

Successfully solving the actuation requirements of today's technologically complex locker and vending products, NSF Controls is a leading UK designer and manufacturer of solenoids, switches, and a specialist provider of customised electro-mechanical assembly services.

Solenoids for locker applications

Designed to meet the advancing technology of the growing locker market, our on-going programme of design innovation, process development and manufacturing ensures that NSF Controls solenoids meet your specific requirements for the development of all types of lockers. 

Our range includes options suitable for a broad spectrum of applications including solenoids for:

  • Remote access locking
  • Integrated access control
  • Wireless communication
  • Locker doors
  • Locking mechanisms

Solenoids for vending applications

Retail vending is seeing real growth whilst undergoing a digital transformation, embracing internet-connected devices and cashless payment methods through 'intelligent' vending machines. Likewise, vending equipment is being used increasingly in industry to deliver equipment, components, personal protective equipment (PPE) and much more in environments like factories and on building sites.

At NSF Controls we are developing new products for advanced vending applications, our solenoids can assist with actuation challenges including:

  • Coin validation
  • Motion control
  • Locking
  • Feeding
  • Dispensing
  • Selection
  • Positioning
  • Releasing

Who we work with

Specialists in the locker and vending sector NSF Controls partners with:

  • Manufacturers
  • Product engineers
  • Product designers

Find the right solenoid for your project

Strengthen the security of your product, improve its performance or enhance product life, NSF Controls offers the widest range of solenoids and switches from a single source anywhere in Europe, with knowledgeable in-house product experts to help design, select and source the most suitable products to meet your application requirements.

Bespoke new product development

Recognised for superior quality and reliability, our specialist components provide a foundation for the development of bespoke solutions, driving forward technological breakthroughs that improve performance and capability of client products and services.

90% of output is customised

Experienced in lockers and vending products

The use of lockers is growing in all aspects of everyday life, advancing manufacture to meet the demands of innovation. Here are just some of the clients we've worked with lately.


Developing a power solution for parcel box access control




Solenoid-controlled lock solution for secure cabinet drawers


    Key Tracker

    Increased security level for lockers


The NSF Controls product experts are available to help you select the most suitable product to meet your specific requirements and, if required, will work with you to design and produce a customised solution. 

To find out more, please contact our specialist Design & Engineering Team +44 (0)1535 661144 or email 

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