Key tracker Case Study

Increased security level for lockers    






Locker/ Vending Technology

Size of project:

1,000 units initially


Scope of Service:

  • New product development
  • CAD
  • 3D Printing
  • Prototyping
  • Sample Provision
  • Bespoke parts manufacture

  • Testing
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Parts procurement
  • Delivery

The situation

Keytracker’s electronic lockers and cabinets offer a simple and effective way to secure, track and manage shared portable equipment.

The increased demand for robust storage lockers in educational buildings like schools and colleges prompted the new product development.

The challenge

Improving the level of security for this particular locker model was the challenge for this project.

When briefing NSF Controls, the client made it clear that allowances had to be made for the possible misalignments and movement of the door - particularly as the doors are heavy duty and are designed to tolerate being slammed.

The solution

The NSF Controls engineering team identified the most appropriate type of solenoid for the application to be an open frame solenoid, as this delivers a cost-effective method of actuation. 

Initial remedial action was taken to optimise solenoid performance by adjusting its duty cycle. It was operating with a big heat soak and a very low duty cycle. There was plenty of current available so a much-improved force was achieved with a coil rewind.

Having assessed the existing bracket housing the solenoid, it was noted that there were several possibilities for performance improvement, including reduction of interference friction. NSF Controls sourced and added a bracket to house the solenoid and made a bespoke latch attached to the end of the solenoid plunger with screws. The solenoid position was adjusted to reduce the stroke and provide more power as well as ensuring the correct height within the bracket to 0.5mm tolerance.

Throughout the development process, samples were provided for testing.

The results 

The applied modifications resulted in a bespoke latch being assembled and produced on-site at NSF Controls.

NSF Controls made further improvements to the key-operated manual override assembly. This work reduced the component count and therefore simplified the assembly.

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