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Successfully solving the actuation requirements of today's technologically complex and changing world.

NSF Controls is a UK leading designer and manufacturer of solenoids, switches, and a specialist provider of customised electro-mechanical assembly services.

Supporting the delivery of control critical technologies

With an advanced approach to product development, engineering and technology, NSF Controls offers the widest range of solenoids and switches from a single source anywhere in Europe, with knowledgeable in-house products experts to help design, select and source the most suitable products to meet your application requirements.
Recognised for superior quality and reliability, NSF Controls' specialist components provide a foundation for the development of bespoke solutions, driving forward technological breakthroughs that improve performance and capability of client products and services.


Security Application

A solenoid locking system in mobile device charging stations, redesigned for optimum performance and reliability. ChargeBox® have built a reputation for being the most trusted and easiest to use units on the market.

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Professional Audio Application

A new type of control switch for the guitar market, developed and progressed to manufacture. The Free-Way's patented design is the choice of thousands of guitarists and is sold through distributors in Europe and America.

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Smart Energy Application

When global industry leader in metering solutions, Landis+Gyr approached NSF Controls, its product development team was looking for an alternative solution to an existing gas valve for its pre-payment meters. The challenge for NSF Controls was to engineer a smaller, lighter unit with reliability being key.    

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Leisure Application

Specialising in the manufacture and distribution of gundog training aids, UK-based company Lite Launcher approached NSF Controls to develop a more dependable, user friendly and cost effective method of operating the firing pin for one of its products.

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Locking & Vending Application


Already supplying the client with standard solenoid requirements, this project involved modifications to an existing product. It required specialist knowledge for provision of a suitably secure locking mechanism. The lock had to be strong enough to prevent unauthorised entry without the use of tools.

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Access Control Application

On entering a key code through keypad activated operation, a solenoid plunger retracts and opens, providing secure access control to an unattended parcel box. These advanced, low cost unattended parcel boxes facilitate business supply chain management and home deliveries replacing the need for locker banks or store depots.

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Asset Management Application

For a leading global key and asset management provider, this involved replacing an existing cam lock on a locker door with a solenoid-operated mechanism to upgrade the security on electronically-operated locker compartments. The cam lock is designed to remain as backup.

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More Solutions

A UK leading designer and manufacturer of solenoids, switches, and a specialist provider of customised electro-mechanical assembly services, means we’re good at solving actuation challenges here at NSF Controls – especially for critical uses or unique and extreme applications. 

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The NSF Controls product experts are available to help you select the most suitable product to meet your specific requirements and, if required, will work with you to design and produce a customised solution. 

To find out more, please contact our specialist Design & Engineering Team +44 (0)1535 661144 or email 

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Free-Way Switch

Free-Way Switch

Manufactured by NSF Controls Ltd in the UK and available through selected suppliers

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Providing BIG solutions

Big partnerships; BIG commitment. NSF Controls produces over 1m assemblies per annum from its UK site.

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